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Hi! My name is Maxim Borisov

Website development and design

any complexity.

landing page
online store
corporate website

Created more than 20 websites

Extensive background in marketing

UX/UI competencies

AI enthusiast

By leaving an application, you have a huge chance to get a cool project
Ring Conn
Flowers Story
Free Card Global
Online store for smart rings
Zakharov & Partners
Online store for a flower shop
Foreign bank account opening services
Landing pages for a law office
I create projects based on my experience in marketing with an eye on sales
Dar Your Beauty
Online store for beauty salon
Online store
1 month
3 weeks
Online store
1 month
1 month
Online store
1 month
Stages of Work.
I divide the work into phases, followed by an agreement on each phase.
Creating the design of the project.
Favorite part.
Creating graphic elements, selecting content, fonts and color palette
Preparing for launch
Connecting a domain
Configuring SSL certificate
Connecting metrics and analytics
Layout and adaptive
Adaptive website design for all kinds of screens and mobile devices. Do not forget that mobile traffic now occupies about 80% of all users
I create a prototype of the future site with full text filling and content arrangement. This stage allows you to determine the sequence of site blocks and correctly structure the subsequent customer journey
The serious stage of preparing to build a website.
I look for your competitors, evaluate and emphasize important details. I find strengths and weaknesses and use them in the creation of the site
Contract signing
Drafting of the contract and signing by all parties
Call and get to know each other. We discuss the goals and objectives of the project.
Fully immerse myself in the business processes of the project and generate the best ideas
Services and Costs.
Landing page
One-page site
from 400$
from 10 days
Multi-page website
The name speaks for itself
from 700$
from 25 days
Online store
Fully functional online store with shopping cart, acquiring connection and delivery function to the customer
from 800$
from 25 days
Website with personal account
Website with personal account with customized features: CRM;
Database connection;
Bonus system;
Online courses;
Recurring payments etc
from 800$
from 25 days
Design layout in Figma
Creating a website design layout for layout on any platform
from 300$
from 5 days
About me.
Hi! My name is Borisov Maxim.
My experience in web design 3 years + 3 years in marketing
My goal is to make not just pretty websites, but fully self-contained products that generate revenue for the client
I have worked in the largest Russian companies of medical and industrial topics, as well as with private businesses
In my work, I use the principles of maximum benefit to the site visitor, build a logical customer journey and do not do "design for design's”
My competencies:
3 years
in web design
30+ sites
3 years in marketing
A great tool in skillful hands. I have made more than 20 websites on Tilda
I create design and prototypes of websites in Figma.
I create AI-arts and content for websites in Midjorney
My assistant in creating the structure of websites and writing text
Fashion effects, photo retouching and everything related to picture processing
My blog.
Go to my Instagram, I shoot reels on AI and talk about my life
For life
For work
Developer's Thoughts.
my top AI
Landing page or multi-page site?
what to choose?
personal account on the site.
is it necessary or not?
Let's make a cool project together!
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